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About Golden-i infinity

Golden-i Infinity is an Enterprise Grade mobile computing Smart Screen that is compatible with Win 10 and Android host devices. The Golden-i Infinity Smart Screen is a voice-controlled and gesture-enabled smart-screen, engineered with Kopin’s patented core technologies (e.g., speech recognition, noise cancellation, head-gesture tracking, and advanced user interface controls).

Golden-i Infinity increases worker productivity improves worker efficiency and reduces work-related errors; providing users an unparalleled “Hands-Free” mobile computing solution.


Implementation Benefits

No more looking away at tablets, laptops or hand-helds or physical pieces of paper and did we mention it’s safer? 



Productivity + Efficiency

Increased worker efficiencies, productivity & accuracy by reducing time spent accessing and cross-checking data, or consulting with teammates for advice minimizing the risk of error, injury, or fatigue


Real Time Collaboration

Cross geographical collaboration in real-time. Less experienced technicians can consult with more experienced subject matter experts & colleagues


Reduced Reliance On Mobile Devices

The Golden-i infinity Smart Screen reduces the need for multiple mobile computing devices and other handheld devices needed to perform simple and complex work tasks.


Hands Free But Hands On

Golden-i Infinity is voice activated + gesture controlled which means no touching or swiping is required. Workers gain true hands-free access to information by overlaying instructions, maps, system information, or real-time feedback


On The Job Training

Train staff at a lower cost and reduced work-related risks


Reduce Errors

Reduce errors and miscalculations on the job and in the field

With Golden-i Infinity:

Golden-i Infinity connects directly to an Android or Win10 host device with a USB Type-C connector.

Access documents and training manuals on-the-job, communicate remotely and stay heads up, hands-free and hands on. It’s time to work smarter, let go of your multiple devices and pick up Golden-i Infinity.


Sales + Support

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